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SMD Assembly

Italmec Elettronica S.r.l. assembles electronic boards using SMD technology, using technologically advanced machinery and tools, with automatic line, and the production process involves the following main stages:

Selection of the necessary components (supplied on consignment or purchased by us on behalf of the customer)
Assembly of the individual SMD components on a printed circuit board
Automatic optical inspection of both SMD and THT components on both sides of the PCB
Re-melting soldering
Possible completion or mechanical assembly


Unister ESE US1100V

Serigraph machine.

Samsung CP45FV Neo SMT Pick and Place

Pick and Place.

Hanwha SM 482 SMT Pick and Place

Pick and Place.

Hanwha SM482 PLUS Pick and Place

Pick and Place.

Reflow oven TSM A70-71A

Reflow oven.

Automatic Optical Inspection VCTA-Z5X

Automatic Optical Inspection for SMD and THT components.